Tips to Revive Dental Practice after the Pandemic

As the world gradually tries to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to refocus on your dental practice. No doubt, the pandemic must have had a severe impact on the finances and long term plans of your dental practice. However, it’s time to make moves to recover the losses and get up and running again. Although the question on everyone’s lips right now is, “how do we return back to normal?”

Like several other businesses, dental practices have racked up some financial back log in terms of paying staff and rent costs during the lockdown period. Every dental practitioner will be looking for how to recoup and start making profits again. Several governments around the world have put up financial relief programs to help businesses get back on their feet. However, if applying for such palliatives won’t do, you can consider other options like small business loans.

A senior dentist scrapes away some debris from between a patient tooth while the dental nurse applies suction in the mouth to take away any foreign objects. The brightly lit dentist surgery is clean and modern.

With the state of the world right now, many financial institutions are offering loans with relatively attractive incentives and reasonable interest rates. A number of them are even offering new loans to help previous borrowers cover up other loans or some sort of deferred payments on loans. Dentists can take advantage of these loans to help revive their businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are several dental accountants Kansas City you can consult with on the best investments to take. Here are some ways loans can help make your practice recover faster.

Cover Initial Staff Salary Costs

Even if you didn’t pay salaries during the lockdown period, your first duty once work resumes is to pay wages. However, coming from a limbo of over 3 months without generating revenue, there might be too little to cover employee salaries and overhead costs at once. You can apply for a loan to cover employee salaries and other benefits. 

Cover Running Costs

Another form of unavoidable expenses in running a dental practice is overhead costs. Your overhead is how much it costs to keep your practice working at an optimum level. Just like paying salaries, handling the full overhead charges of your practice may be beyond you right now. You can consult with one of the dental accountants Kansas City for advice on how to reduce these running costs. However, if there’re no corners to cut, then consider taking a loan.

Cover Outstanding Debt Payments

Another way loans can help you, this period is by covering outstanding debts. Although several lenders implemented softer payment methods to help their debtors, you’ll still need to pay up the deficit. You can decide to merge your debts to gather and make just single repayments. This is referred to as loan consolidation.


If there’s one sure thing, amid all these uncertainties, is that this trying time will pass. However, to navigate the storm and come out unscathed, you have to evaluate the finances of your dental practice. With the help of excellent dental accountants in Kansas City, you can get an accurate analysis of your financial state. This will help you know if you need an injection of cash or not. And if you do need some money, your accountant can help you decide the best loan for you.

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