SEO Company Shares the Basics of its Keyword Research Process

SEO Company San Jose has disclosed a basic process for keyword research so that businesses can build off of a solid foundation for their SEO Company San Jose. While keyword research serves as the basis for almost every successful SEO campaign, many website owners often skip this important step with unfortunate results. It is in that light that SEO Company San Jose has released a five step plan to assist website owners in understanding the process and its rewards.

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1) Select a few different keyword tools to help in the selection of the keywords and keyphrases which will ultimately be optimized. The Google Adwords tool does a great job and can be supplemented with other tools which are either free or can be used on a free trial basis. Type in “free keyword research tools” on any search engine and you’ll see a bunch of great products.

2) Don’t select keywords based on search volume alone. Really high volume keywords usually come with two problems; competition and unfocused traffic. Single keywords, like “cars” may have millions of searches but optimizing for a competitive term like that would cost a fortune before results could be seen on the search engines. Even if some form of success was met, the traffic driven by such a general term would be all over the board, searching for anything associated with cars.

3) At the other end of the spectrum is the selection of keyphrases which are too narrow. This is a mistake often made by people with detailed knowledge of a product or service. These highly detailed and long keyphrases may actually be easy to get high search engine rankings for but traffic will likely be negligible.

4) Stake out the middle ground. There are always keywords which generate targeted traffic without the heavy competition that accompanies more obvious search terms. These are the terms which are winnable, cost effective, and can be optimized quickly.

5) Make sure that keyphrases can be worked into the flow of content on the site. Disjointed keyphrases won’t work well in onsite content, making them either tough to optimize or difficult to work into the content without sounding awkward.

The importance of keyword research cannot be understated yet many people still skip the process entirely. It’s often that only after weeks or months of under performance and costly efforts that the value of the research is truly understood.

San Jose SEO Company delivers customized search engine optimization solutions based on a foundation of extensive keyword research.

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