Audio Recording to Transcript - How Does It Work?

Audio Recording to Transcript – How Does It Work?

Audio recording to transcript is a process in which spoken words are transformed into written form. The audio to be transcribed could be any audio file comprising of interview, recording, podcasts, speech etc. ranging from formal business conferences to something as casual as a birthday party or graduation speech.  This makes large volumes of data available in an everlasting written form. This is the key to attracting a larger audience and save up the time it takes to listen to long voice messages.

Types of Transcriptions:

A voice-to-text transcription service may achieve this by typing it by hand or using software like ASR. The transcription is of two types

A full verbatim which includes all the slang and mistakes in the text as present in the speech.

It may be a clean verbatim which excludes the repetitions and the stutters during the transcription process.

People who convert a monologue, an interview or a conference into written format through this process are called transcribers or transcriptionists.

Prerequisites for Transcriptionists:

Following are the prerequisites for transcriptionists:

Active listener

A good transcriptionist needs to listen attentively to the speech or dialogue and must possess the ability to eliminate background noise and focus on the words being spoken. He should also be able to decipher barely audible or incoherent parts of speech.

Good memory

Having a good memory makes the transcription process much easier as the transcriptionist doesn’t need to stop over and over again to rewind or listen to the audiotape again. This helps make the transcription process much smoother and less time-consuming.

Faster typing speed

Writing more words makes the process of audio recording to transcript way quicker. A good transcriptionist can write 60-100 words per minute compared to 40-50 words written by an average person. He also must write more words with fewer errors.

Grammar and spelling proficiency

A good hold over punctuation and grammar makes the quality of work much better, especially when you need to write in simpler words without changing the original meaning of content.

Good research skills

Research skills are important to use better terminologies and attain proper information.

Diligence and attention to detail

A transcriptionist must pay attention to small details like the number of times a word was used in the content or any pauses, jargon, laughter must also be noticed. The transcriptionist must be diligent and focused.

Determination and adaptive

Determination and perseverance are must-have qualities for a transcriptionist as it takes hours to transcribe a 1-hour file. Knowledge of multiple topics is also required to adapt to different spoken and writing styles.

Technology proficiency

Basic technology skills are needed, like using Microsoft Word and Google etc. Willingness to learn more about various technology software is a good trait.

Audio Recording to Transcript services:

This sort of transcription is used frequently in

  • Court trials for legal proceedings, criminal trials. These are provided to judges and lawyers to avoid misinterpretation of the recording.
  • Medical transcription for recording physician’s notes, patient’s history and procedures, etc.
  • Education sector where recorded seminars and lectures are made available through transcription.
  • In business sector using transcription as a marketing tool to enhance your outreach by making conferences and symposiums available in this manner.
  • Marketing researchers and freelance writers also benefit from material available in written format.

Why use an Audio Recording to Transcript Service?

Increase your reach to the audience

Making media available in written form is the key to attracting more audiences, especially people who prefer to read written documents rather than watching videos or listening to audio notes. Making media available in more than one form gives your audience to access it in any form at any time they want.

Editing is made easier

This makes obtaining information, uploading, disseminating and editing it easier compared to video and audio formats.

Quickly discovered

Transcription makes your audio more readily searchable and available to a large group of people because of SEO.

Shareable content

A written form of a podcast is shared more easily by converting these into sayings and quotes.

Save time

Listening and comprehending a recording takes a longer time than skimming through its written document.

How to Choose a good Audio Recording to Transcript Service?

Testimonials and Reviews

Always ask for recommendations from people who have used the service. Look at the feedback or reviews of the company you’re choosing. Choose a company that has been working for more years in this field. Read the testimonials and reviews on their websites before selecting one.

Suitable cost

Choose one that suits your budget. Ask for a quote from multiple companies and compare potential costs.

Certified company

Look for ISO accreditations to make sure you get a safe and secure transcription service, especially if you are looking for a legal and medical transcriptionist. A certified transcriptionist is a topmost priority.


Discuss the quality of the audio with your transcriptionist before moving on with the transcription. Also, discuss text and document formats beforehand.

 Fluency and Accuracy

The transcriptionist must be fluent in the language to understand the accents, jargon and slang used in the audio in order to transcribe it correctly. Native speakers do a better job here.

Punctuality and Confidentiality

A transcriptionist needs to be meticulous and punctual. In addition to this, the confidentiality of the client in these matters must be the topmost priority.  Outsourcing to a 3rd party must be protected at all costs. The company must have proper cybersecurity tools and Confidentiality Agreements.


If there is a deadline, you need to adhere to or need a quick service, look for a company that offers 24/7 service or has multiple transcriptionists available and can work with multiple turnarounds in a limited timeframe. Check for a rush service available for audio recording to the transcript in a limited timeframe.

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