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Are you looking for a certified pest control company, Edmonton? We can help you with your hunt. We surely can ease your hunt. On this page, you will get how to choose a pest control company. Also, we will help you with some of the best and most trusted pest control companies in town. So you no longer have to worry about the crawling insects and pests that have been invading your house and office.

Why do you need pest control?

Pest control helps in protection from insects, rodents, and worms that can cause serious health problems and many a time can even cause damage to the properties as well. These living beings infect your kitchen, bedroom, and lawns and can even bite the humans around causing disease. Pest Control helps in keeping the surrounding where you live and work safe and healthy. Consumption of food contaminated by them is also a source of infection as it carries bacteria and viruses. Pest control is necessary to keep all those around safe and sound. 

How to choose a pest control company?

Homemakers, landlords, and renters to some extent can control pests at their level by maintaining proper hygiene, sanitation, and good maintenance. However, some pest infestations need professional help. It may become difficult to control them, here is when you need the help of a pest control company Edmonton. But how to choose one?

Here are a few tips for you

Look for quality

When looking for a pest control company, you should look for quality and value-added services. The company should be competent. Make sure that the company and its employees do not misuse the pesticide on your property and health.

License and certification

The next important aspect of their license and certification. Before choosing your pest control service to verify that they are licensed professionals whether weather certified commercial pesticide technician, certified pesticide technician, certified pesticide applicator, or certified commercial pesticide applicator. Check whether they hold recognition, membership, or certification from a registered professional association. As well as things to do before and after pest control treatment.

Methods Used

If your house or office is dealing with serious pest infestation, the best control company would first insist on sight inspection followed by treatment planning. For this, the company you choose should be experienced. They should be able to provide you with a proper treatment plan along with a few alternatives. The shield provides you with the list of pesticides they use and also enlightens you about the risks involved with them.

So they provide insurance

Ask the company you choose whether they provide insurance or not. This is important especially if your place is attacked and invaded by termites. Some companies offer warranty and damage control as part of their contract.

The best Pest Control Companies

  • Major Pest Control Edmonton
  • Responders
  • Edmonton Exterminators Ltd
  • Pestlink -Pest Control Edmonton


Be smart when choosing a pest control company. Don’t just blindly believe the suggestions and recommendations. Pick the best pest control service that provides services to effectively combat all your nuisance problems.

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