Whey Protein Advice

Not sure which protein water is right for you? You need to read some of our whey protein advice guides which will help pinpoint the protein water that is right for you. Whether you’re looking to bulk up, lose weight or build some lean muscle, we will find the right whey protein for you. Our whey protein advice guides have been written by experienced personal health experts and are packed with useful nougats of information you can put to work now.

One of the most important things to realise when starting on whey protein is that it’s not a magic pill. Whey protein is simply a protein water supplement to help boost your protein intake and if it’s not used as part of a well-balanced and well thought out diet plan, will be pretty useless.

How Much Do I Need?

To add muscle, you should be aiming to consume around 2.2g of protein (from quality sources) for every kg of body weight. So a 70kg male will be looking at eating about 160g of protein every day, divided into 6 or 7 meals. This means that every meal time needs to include a source of protein which amounts to 30g, which is not always easy to do. To help reach the necessary amount of protein you need, you can substitute one or two of the meals with whey protein water.

Do I Really Need To Take A Whey Protein Water Supplement?

Absolutely not. If you can get the required amounts protein and carbohydrates from your natural diet, there is no need for a protein water supplement. However, most people are constrained by time and opt for whey protein waters for convenience. The other great thing about whey protein is that per serving, it’s a lot cheaper than a chicken breast or tuna steak, so it offers significant cost savings too.

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How Do I Choose?

There’s a lot to consider now you’ve decided to use a whey supplement to help boost your protein intake and there are so many different brands it can be tough to pick the right one. Price, quality and taste are all important factors, not to mention added vitamins and minerals to keep you supple.

Where should you start!?

It all depends on your individual goals and whether you’re looking to bulk up, slim down get ripped – decide what you want to achieve and take it from there. This is important because if you’re looking to bulk up, you will most likely benefit from a protein and carbohydrate blend to ensure you’re getting sufficient calories. If you’re looking to shed some fat, the opposite will probably be true. So get specific and set some achievable goals to help form a platform to choosing your whey protein water supplement.

Once you’ve done that, browse through our whey protein advice guides and whey protein reviews to get a good idea of which supplements are performing well and which ones to stay away from.

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