What to Do For New Year’s Eve in Puerto Vallarta

Are you tired of having to tie up your snow boots and scrape off the car just to watch the ball drop at the same old local bar? You’re better than that. New Year’s Eve is better than that.

Are you tired of having to tie up your snow boots and scrape off the car just to watch the ball drop at the same old local bar? You’re better than that. New Year’s Eve is better than that.

Celebrate the last party of the year in a place with brilliant sun, endless beaches, incredible seafood, and city-wide street parties. New Year’s Eve 2019 in Puerto Vallarta is going to be better than ever. Here’s why you have to be there.

Why New Year’s Eve 2019 In Puerto Vallarta Is Going to Be Epic

Is it the bumping’ yacht parties with all-inclusive drinks? Maybe it’s the dancing in the streets in the old town or on the Malecón? Or is it watching the fireworks over Banderas Bay from the sky deck of a world-class nightclub? There’s so much to do this New Year’s Eve in PV that you’re actually going to want to stay up past midnight (do you remember the last time that

6 Days of Sun and Fun

That’s right. New Year’s Eve 2019 in Puerto Vallarta is NOT a one-night affair. The locals here are so serious about getting down for NYE that they usually stretch it out to four days of non-stop parties, food, live music, and activities like hiking, snorkeling and sipping piña coladas on the beach.

But this year is different.

Because New Year’s Eve falls on a Monday, that means that the party is going to start on Friday, Dec. 28th and finish on Jan. 2nd. That means six nights of sunsets, dancing, and street food. Six days of watersports, beaches, and spa treatments overlooking the Pacific. And the best part? Most people will be able to experience the entire six days without taking more than a day off work.

Rammstein on the Beach

Rammstein, German legends of rock, are at work on a new album, and they’re coming to PV for New Year’s Eve 2019 for what is likely to be one of the most incredible live shows of all time.

These gnarled rockers have let a decade pass since releasing a new album, and their upcoming opus is expected to drop in 2019. They’ve been recording with a full orchestra and choir, and there’s reason to expect they’ll bring the full setup with them when they play on NYE.

Why do we think this?

Well, Rammstein has only booked two concerts this year, and both are on Puerto Vallarta’s beaches during the Nye bash (Dec. 31 and Jan 2). That means the New Year’s Eve show will be the only show the band has played in 2018. The greatest German rock band of all time is going to bring explosive energy, and music history is going to be made.

Dining at its Finest

Puerto Vallarta is one of the food capitals of Mexico, featuring a brilliant mix of tropical flavors from the jungle as well as some of the best seafood you’ll ever taste. When New Year’s Eve comes around, the Latin dining tradition comes to the forefront. In this culture, the biggest and most opulent meal of the year happens on New Year’s Eve.

This means that world-famous chefs who prepare incredible culinary creations every day treat THIS as the most important time of year. All the stops come out. All the most prized ingredients come into play. And the result is a dining experience beyond your wildest dreams. Most dinners include five courses, champagne, and live music. And the best part? The price is all-inclusive
and very affordable.

To find the right restaurant at the right price and to book a table worthy of the evening, you need some local insight. The insiders at Puerto Vallarta clubs have connections at all the best restaurants.

They can book your table, deal with all the translations, and even drive you to the restaurant.

Local Tip: We recommend dining like a baller at least once during your stay in PV, but don’t wait to book a table. People come from far and wide just for this culinary adventure!

Street Parties for All Ages

One of the best parts of NYE in Puerto Vallarta is the vibrant streets full of locals, tourists, families and more. Everyone is here for one reason: to celebrate and be happy! Without even entering a club or a restaurant, you can feast on the sights and sounds of PV all night. Here’s where to do it this New Year’s Eve.

Old Town

Start with a cocktail to go and cruise down the streets of the Old Town. Beautiful antique buildings are cut into by narrow roads and alleys crowded with laughing locals and dancing children. Take a load off and gaze out over Banderas Bay or grab a snack and enjoy the live mariachi music hanging in the air.

Puerto Vallarta clubs

The Malecón

This Oceanside esplanade is where the biggest parties happen. If you’re not dining at a restaurant, this is where you want to be for the best in PV street food, all your NYE beads and beers, and tons of people ready to dance and shout. The Malecón gets crowded, but it’s an unforgettable experience.

Olas Atlas

Called “The Romantic Zone” for its beautiful streets, cafés, and restaurants in the heart of the Old Town, this is a great place to start if you’re in the fine dining mood. It’s also about a block away from the bay and will make for a perfect spot for viewing those midnight fireworks while holding someone close. Olas Atlas will be crowded, but it has a much more traditional Mexican street-party vibe than the Malecón or Los Arcos.

Los Arcos

Just south of the Malecón you’ll find another wild party in the Los Arcos central square. You’re sure to find plenty of dancing and music here, and there’s nothing obstructing the view of the bay in the background. If you want to be on your eighth cocktail and dancing like a maniac when the ball drops, you want to be at Los Arcos.

The Best Clubbing of the Year

Going to Puerto Vallarta and not hitting the clubs is like going to New York City and skipping lady liberty. It’s just one of those things that you have to do at least once in your life, and if there’s ever a time to do it, its New Year’s Eve 2019.

PV is home to some of the most epic clubs in the world. Strana is a literal cathedral of sound and energy. La Santa has an in-club pool that guarantees a wet and wild night. La Vaquita features a giant flying cow and some of the craziest pyrotechnic shows you’ll ever see. And this is just on any old night of the week.

New Year’s Eve 2019 is going to be bigger than ever. The clubs are getting stocked with fireworks, buying new lights and speakers, booking the biggest DJs, and carting in champagne by the pallet. It doesn’t matter whether you get here before or after midnight because the NYE parties at Puerto Vallarta clubs will be going till dawn.

Local Tip:

Unless you want to wait outside all night in line, you WILL need a booking to get into one of Puerto Vallarta’s world-class clubs. Get in touch with the local nightlife gurus at PV Nightlife for info on events, bookings, and VIP tables. We can book you an exclusive VIP table, make sure you never have to wait for a drink, and even drive you to the club!

Don’t Miss New Year’s Eve 2019 in Puerto Vallarta

The holidays might seem far away, but when it comes to booking the perfect Oceanside villa, getting in at the best seafood bistro, or grabbing a few tickets to Rammstein’s first (and last!) Performance of 2018, time is running out!

Don’t be shy! Prices south of the border are more affordable than you think, and the local nightlife experts at PV Nightlife have ALL the connections. Get in touch now to start planning your bash for New Year’s Eve 2019 in Puerto Vallarta!

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