What Does It Cost to Landscape a Yard in Calgary?

Whether you are moving into a newly constructed home or sprucing up your current yard, you need to ask, what does it cost to landscape a yard in Calgary? Depending on how much landscaping you do, and how quickly you do all of it, landscaping costs can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. If you are investing a significant amount in a new home, professionals advise that you budget as ten to fifteen percent of your home’s value for landscaping. However, there are a couple of important factors to take into consideration. Your Calgary landscape designer will typically set up a plan for your Calgary landscape company to do the job over several years. And, when you work with a Calgary landscaping company like Tazscapes, we will work with you and help plan your landscaping to stay within your budget.

How Much Landscaping Do You Need for Your Calgary Home?

And, now soon do you need it? If you are moving onto a bare lot, you need grass, a few trees, and some shrubs. So, sod and planting materials come first. The deck, paving stones, and concrete work can usually wait. And, when you stage your landscaping Calgary project, everything becomes more affordable! So, what does it cost to landscape a yard in Calgary?

Cost Breakdowns of Elements of Landscaping

These are general figures and will vary according to many factors such as the number of materials used and the time and labor required. When you work with your Calgary landscape designer, make sure to get a breakdown of costs according to the various parts of your Calgary landscaping project. Here are just a few items that you will need to cover.

  • Cost of Sod, $0.99 per square foot
  • Cost of yard prep and sod installation, $1.17 per square foot
  • Interlocking paving stones, $25 per square foot
  • Stone retaining wall two feet high, $176 per linear foot
  • Designed and installed flower bed, $13 per square foot

The cost of a good landscaping job for a new home can stop at laying sod and it can include retaining walls on hillside property, patios, decks, and more. The cost varies with the details. The more “exotic” your choices, the higher the costs will be.

Start with a budget and make sure that the landscape company knows how much you can devote to landscaping now and in the years to come. To get the best prices, take your design to two or three different Calgary landscape companies. Remember that it is always easy to offer a low price if the work will not be up to normal standards. Thus, always ask for references before you pick your Calgary landscaper.

Aim for the Landscaping of Your Dreams for Your Calgary Home

You want to stay within your budget and you want a landscaping look that you can be pleased with and proud of. At Tazscapes in Calgary, we provide innovative design ideas and include you in the landscape design process. We will give you a precise breakdown of the costs of both hardscaping (like decks and retaining walls) and softscaping (sod, trees, shrubs). And, we will work with you in deciding which parts of your Calgary landscape project to do first and which to include at a later date. For any questions about landscape design ideas or the cost of landscaping your yard in Calgary, contact us today.

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