The Wear and Avoid with Homecoming Dresses

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Seasonal trends Homecoming Dresses mainly promotes opportunity and choice of evening dresses can turn into a real race against time due to numerous factors: the type of event, the right shade of your skin, the right materials, current trends and, last but not another type of cut that you favour and highlight your silhouette. We are here to give you a general guide to choosing the dress according to the occasion strengths and imperfections of your figure.

Homecoming Dresses

The main types of female figures:

Hourglass silhouette

Features: perceived as ideal figure, bursting with femininity and sensuality, hourglass figure is characterized by very good highlighted waist and hips and bust shows about the same size.

Hourglass figure is dictated by harmonious proportions, regardless of the size that you have.


Pen Dresses (emphasizes harmoniously the breasts and hips)

Spent dresses (accentuates your waist)

Special Occasion Dresses with belt or waist belt

Dresses with corset


Dresses with drapes that hide your figure.

The dresses in the form of A.

Straight dresses

Androgynous silhouette

Features: Dimensions silhouette are almost equal. Although the arms and legs are proportionate, size is not pronounced, and between the hips and bust it draws a continuous line.

The back is often flat and bust is small and is often short torso, while the legs are longer.


Dresses with ruffles in the bust (gives volume in the upper body).

Draped dresses, empire (balance figure proportions).

Straight dresses made ​​of fluid fabrics with lace inserts or veil.

Dresses puffed with applications in the breast

Dresses with plunging neckline in V


dresses tapered melded.

Pear Silhouette (inverted triangle)

Features: In the case of this figure, there is a balance between bust and hips, the latter being more pronounced. Narrow shoulders, hips and buttocks are visible, and the torso is longer than the legs, usually quite short.


Empire dresses, draped at the waist (hide hips protruding)

V-neck (draw attention to the upper body area).

Voluminous dresses in top (with applications, controls, etc.).

Dresses with corset or push -up effect to give the impression of larger bust

Dresses fluid materials such as veil, lace and satin


Dresses with ruffles or large pockets.

If you adopt medium length dresses, flared structure to avoid the cut.

Homecoming Dresses

Apple Silhouette

Features:  oval or rounded shape that was mainly due to pronounced waist and hips. The thighs are, in turn, rounded and well outlined.

The main problem in this case is to hide the very pronounced abdomen and create a feeling of continuity and fluidity of clothes draped body and well-tailored.


Dresses which drapes just below the bust (hides an area of ​​the abdomen).

Long dresses in fluid fabrics that do not touch the body (the silhouette creates a feeling of continuity).

Dresses with plunging neckline


Spent dresses that accentuate the waist.

Evening Gowns tapered cut gowns strongly on body shape.

Dresses with waist belt

Diamond Silhouette

Features: Body diamond is characterized primarily by a more pronounced abdominal area than in March silhouette type and size very evident is the main problem areas. Silhouette diamond is often unequal balances being more prominent than the bust and shoulders. The most important trick in your case is to elongate the silhouette, marking shoulders and face.


Dresses right, but not melded (stretch materials accentuate extra pounds).

You can address shawls or capes if you are unsure of your upper body area.

The safest choice is the maxi dress (perfect balance proportions elongated silhouette and hiding any problem areas).



Homecoming Dresses from stretch material.

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