Tips for Dealing with Potential Home Buyers that Are On-the-Fence

People trying to buy or list or list a home for sale Ogden NC will often go through many different options before the perfect one presents itself. If you have been having difficulties with buyers that stay on the fence and never reach out to you and give offers, the people from Homes by Kelli have some tips for you to reference below.

1. Remain Honest at All Times

The first thing that you can do as a seller from the get-go is to be honest with your potential buyers. Don’t try to swindle them or be deceptive in any manner or you can easily end up losing a potential buyer from the real of interest. Honesty and being genuine helps buyers to feel comfortable with you and assurance that you are not trying to do something sinister under their nose.

2. Connect with them Personally

When you have showings, it’s important that you are able to connect with the buyers in some way shape or form. Ask them about themselves, what they do for work, where they are from, where they went to school, and so on. Small questions like this can lead to a genuine connection that will be easier for you to sell. The main idea here is to treat your potential buyers as human beings and not as dollar signs.

3. Give them Space

Think of buyers like cats. Sometimes a cat will come up and jump on your lap in order to be petted. However, if you heavily pursue the cat all day long, it will probably focus its energy more on running away from you. Use this same logic towards buyers. When they come to you, be ready to give them offers and to talk business. However, when they want to be left alone, give them the space they deserve. Don’t hound them with calls or e-mails and let them come to you.

4. Offer a Special Deal

If you have a particular buyer that really seems interested but you can’t quite come to an agreement on a deal, then give them a special offer. Even a small deal like throwing in an extra appliance or two can go a long way towards making a deal. If you haven’t quite discussed pricing yet, think about giving them a deal that is lower than your asking price but still would have been agreed upon after negotiation.

5. Wait for Serious Buyers to Come Around Instead!

Having a great home for sale in Ogden, NC is not something that you can rush to sell. Patience is a big virtue in the field of real estate. If you are willing to wait for buyers that are a little more serious, then you will eventually come across the serious buyer that you deserve who is ready to pay the price that you want.

Need Some Help Selling Your North Carolina Home?

If you need some help putting up a home for sale in Ogden, NC or a listing for property in the state of North Carolina, you are encouraged to check out Homes by Kelli. This is a high-quality platform that solely features NC properties. As a seller, you can receive professional photography for your home and a listing on our site. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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