The Best Way to Hook Up in Puerto Vallarta

Hooking up in Puerto Vallarta is easy… but only if you know these tips from real PV locals! Puerto Vallarta is one of the most epic party cities on the planet, but if you want to hook up with a local, you need to know where the hottest girls hang out (and how to talk to them so you don’t seem like every other tourist).

The local party gurus at PV Nightlife are dedicated to making your night spectacular. Our guide to hooking up in Puerto Vallarta will tell you how to tweak your game for some guaranteed action south of the border (pun very much intended).

First, we’ll tell you what to do before you get here—what to pack, pick-up lines to study, wardrobe, and more. From there, we’ll let you in on:

  • The Hottest Spots To Work Your Day Game
  • The Dance Clubs Where Locals Actually Go (Warning: Most Dance Clubs Are 99% Tourists!)
  • Fool-proof pick-up tactics from real locals
  • The best places for a date night
  • Romantic viewpoints perfect for making your move
  • Red Flags (to save your wallet… and your dignity)

Eat all the spicy food you want; a trip to Puerto Vallarta isn’t complete without a caliente night of romance to remember (and believe us, if you get with a PV girl, you will NEVER forget it!). Get out your playbooks and take notes—let’s get started!

spicy food

To Hook Up in Puerto Vallarta, Pre-game is The Game

The most important things you can do to improve your chances of hooking up in Puerto Vallarta all happen before you even book your flight. Don’t sweat, you’ve got plenty of time. Just make sure to tick all of the following boxes.

Dress to Impress

Girls here are HOT, and they get hit on all the time. If you didn’t put any time into planning your look, girls won’t put any time into listening to your broken Spanish.

You don’t need to roll around in designer suits, but pick out some nice shorts and cool Ts for the day and some good club wear for the evening. Leave that faded pink polo shirt at home, for the love of God.

PRO PICK-UP TIP: Mexican tourists love PV’s shopping malls, and this makes them great places to get numbers. If you don’t have any nice clothes, go shopping when you arrive and kill two birds with one stone.

Train that Tongue

No matter how smooth you think you are, you won’t make a blip on anyone’s radar without learning a little Spanish.

You can’t learn it all, sure, but we have just the right innocent pickup lines to get the girls giggling. Remember, it’s not about knowing the language. It’s about using it in a way that makes you seem cute and not like your parents dropped you on your head as a kid.

Memorize these, and don’t forget to work on your pronunciation!

  • “Soy nuevo en el área, me dices como llegar a tu Corazón?” (I’m new around here. Can you tell me the way to your heart?)
  • “Tienes unos ojos tan bellos, que podrías curar hasta a un ciego” (Your eyes are so beautiful they could cure a blind man.)
  • A: “Disculpe, creo que me debe un trago.” (Excuse me, but you owe me a drink)

B: “Porque?” (Why?)

A: “Porque se me cayó el mío mirándole/mirandola a usted.” (Because I dropped mine when I saw you)

Pickup lines may not be your go-to when picking up girls, but if you’re confident, they really work. Give these a try and you’ll boost your chances of getting a number.

Once you’ve broken the ice, you’ll need a few Spanish phrases to keep things going. We’re going to cover that in our step-by-step pick up plan later on in this guide, but for now, put aside a few minutes each day to study some basic Spanish. You won’t regret it.

Book like a Boss

Puerto Vallarta is one of the premier tourist destinations on Earth for epic parties, beach bashes, private yacht excursions, outdoor concerts, and fine dining. But if you don’t book beforehand, you’ll spend your vacation eating street food and getting conned by tourist traps.

Here’s a local tip: if a Puerto Vallarta girl is going to go home with a foreigner, he’s got to be a man. He’s got to have his life together. That means you’ve got to:

  • Book NICE Accommodation: Girls don’t want to go back to your packed, sweaty tourist resort. Book a villa and you’ll really impress the ladies. Plus, if you’re with a group, it might be the cheapest option.
  • Reserve Tables: Book tables at restaurants and clubs in advance. Clubs in PV are extremely exclusive. They are home to famous DJs and frequented by international celebs. If you want to stand out, you need to book a VIP table. Without a booking, you might not even get in the door.
  • Pick Some Activities: Puerto Vallarta is HOT, so getting dates by chatting with girls on the street is not so easy during the day. Instead, book some activities where you know they’ll be hanging out—the spa, boat parties, water sports—all of these are great ways to meet tourists and locals who are looking to get down. Plus, it’s your vacation—you should be doing this stuff anyway!

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to making bookings in Puerto Vallarta, don’t worry—that’s where we come in. Puerto Vallarta Nightlife can book everything for you, and we’ll even dedicate a personal planner to your trip who will give you advice on where to find girls on the specific nights when you’re here.

Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out: Your Day Game

Your day game won’t suffer in PV if you know where to go and what to do. As we mentioned before, you can’t just walk up and down the streets or cruise the beach ogling women as you walk. Non es chido (it’s not cool). These top spots are great places to lay the groundwork for a steamy evening.

Cafes on the Malecon

Local girls don’t go to the main tourist-laden beaches in Puerto Vallarta. Instead, they frequent the cafes along the main strip of the Malecon where they watch guys walk by, gossip, and share a drink.

Hopping from café to café is a great way to cool down and start some small talk with locals. They might not want to share a table with you, so don’t be too forward. Instead, ask for some advice about where to go nearby or what to choose off the drink menu. Next, thank her and ask for those digits.

Beach Bars at Playa Los Muertos

The main beach in Puerto Vallarta is largely populated by tourists, but if you’re down to meet Americans and Europeans, the bars along the beach are amazing places to flirt. Most tourists are already drinking cocktails and in a great mood, making the job that much easier. Plus, bikinis are everywhere. Everywhere.

Show up in flip-flops and a tee—this is as casual as it comes. And don’t forget to wear your swimsuit. If you get lucky, you might get a surfing lesson from a local beach babe.

There are plenty of bars along the beach, but a great place to start is the Day off Beach Bar. You’ll find good bar food, buy-one-get-one beers, and plenty of talent.

Plaza Caracol

Plaza Caracol is a shopping mall, and it isn’t much different from the ones you’ve been to in any American city. But, it’s also where girls from the local area come to spend afternoons, especially on weekends.

One of the best parts is that girls from surrounding, non-tourist areas come here to shop, so you have a good chance of meeting someone who hasn’t been jaded by the tourist presence. But if you hope to bag a true Mexican beauty from out of town, you’ll need decent Spanish!

Plaza Caracol is located near the beach, so you won’t have to go far if you want to give it a shot.

Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta

Girls go out a lot in Puerto Vallarta, but if you don’t know where to go, you won’t find them. Head to these spots and you’ll find girls who are there for the same reason you are.

Bar Morelos

Bar Morelos is the perfect place to go from meeting to flirting over cocktails to dancing all under the same roof. This bar on the Malecon has two distinct floors. The first is a cozy lounge with live music, awesome cocktails, and snacks. It’s an excellent place to start the night, as it’s super easy to approach girls and start a conversation. After a drink or two, there’s no need to grab a taxi. Just head upstairs to the dance floor where international DJs spin Latin beats, reggaeton, hip-hop and more.

La Vaquita

La Vaquita is where girls go to let out their wild side. This dance club is anything but formal. All drinks are served in huge styrofoam cups and the décor theme is a barnyard on LSD. You can even show up in flip flops and a tank top and still have a good chance of hooking up. Wet T-shirt contests, body shots, indoor pyrotechnics—all your insane party memories will be made here.


Strana is located a bit out of town, but it’s worth the trip. Strana is where you’ll find the most (and hottest) local girls. We’re talking supermodel types all over the dance floor. But, Strana is also one of the most exclusive clubs in the city. You must make a reservation if you hope to get in the door, especially if you’re a tourist. Also, wear your very best. If you aren’t dressed to the nines, you won’t get in.

Señor Frog’s

Señor Frog’s isn’t the best place to pick up local girls, to be honest. But, it’s always packed with students, backpackers, and other tourists ready to let loose. If you’re short on cash or don’t feel like clubbing, Señor Frog’s is an easy place to find girls looking for a holiday fling.

Remember, these places fill up fast. If you’re hoping to get a table, you need to book in advance. And if you want to attract attention from the hottest locals at a club, you need to be on the VIP register. Get in touch with PV Nightlife now and we can add your name to the list.

Local Tips: Picking Up Girls in Puerto Vallarta

Hooking up in Puerto Vallarta can be done, but you can’t use the same game you use at home. Girls here are a bit more conservative and religious. This doesn’t mean you won’t hook up, it just means you have to play it cool at the start and take control when it counts.

Here’s what local girls have to say about what they like (and hate):

Puerto Vallarta Nightlife
  • Don’t be aggressive: Girls here deal with guys hitting on them and drunkenly catcalling them all the time. For this reason, aggressive behavior isn’t usually taken well.
  • Keep the convo casual: Don’t make overt sexual references or innuendo. It probably won’t be appreciated. Remember, even if she wants to hook up, she doesn’t want to be treated as if she’s out for sex.
  • Spend some money: Local girls like to have a good time and they like to drink, but as they are more traditional, you’ll be expected to pay. Don’t go overboard, but offer to buy drinks and don’t be cheap about it.
  • Take your time: If you’re not on the dance floor, the girl will want to see that you can show some restraint. Unless you’re getting serious signals, keep your hands to yourself for the first 30 minutes and turn on the charm. After that, if everything’s going well, make a move.
  • Smile: The loner, the hardass, the quiet type—those guys won’t do well in Puerto Vallarta. These girls are looking to have fun, laugh, and smile. They don’t want to talk about your problems and frustrations, and they don’t want to be reminded of their own. Bring your sense of humor and a carefree attitude.

The 5-step pick-up method that works

Once you’ve picked out a girl you want to chat with, here’s how to go about it. These steps were made for tourists with limited Spanish. If your delivery is confident, this method really works.

  1. Pick-up line: Drop one of the pick-up lines from above. If it gets a giggle, move to step 2.
  2. Introduction: Introduce yourself and ask for her name.
  3. Compliment: Tell her something you like about her.
  4. Plans: Ask how her day/evening is and what her plans are.
  5. The Hook: Ask for her number (day) or if you can buy her a drink (evening).

Now that she’s intrigued… the rest is up to you!

Picking up a girl at a club in Puerto Vallarta

The pick-up method above doesn’t really work at clubs when the music is blaring. But walking up to a random girl on the dance floor for a casual bump and grind won’t go down well with locals. Here’s how to meet girls on the dance floor in a way that will leave you a lot of options for hooking up.

  • Ask for a dance: Don’t wander around her and dance next to her. Ask for a dance, and if she says yes, then dance with her in a casual manner. If you know how to dance, all the better. If not, it’s not a problem—just don’t get too handsy or you’ll seem aggressive and clumsy.
  • Walk away: After 10 minutes or so, take a hike. Following one girl around all night will make you look desperate.
  • Make the rounds: Find more girls to ask to dance and leave them after 10 minutes or so.
  • Watch for looks: When your dance partners see you dancing with a lot of other girls, your perceived value will rise and they might start to feel jealous. Keep an eye out for girls you’ve danced with staring at you—this is a sign they want you back.
  • Seal the deal: Go back for ONE dance and then suggest moving to somewhere quieter. If she says no, get her number and move on. Another girl will likely be looking for you.

The Best Spots for a Date in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re serious about hooking up in Puerto Vallarta, you’ve probably done your due diligence on Tinder and other dating apps. If you’ve got some dates lined up, you want to be confident and somewhat dominant even if you don’t know the area. Here are some spots that you can take a local girl that will make her want to get closer.

Café des Artistes

Offering incredible gourmet food in an amazing setting, Café des Artistes is fine dining at its best in Puerto Vallarta. Ask to sit in the garden; it’s full of palm trees dim lighting—perfect for a romantic evening.

La Palapa

For inspired Mexican cuisine served on the beach, La Palapa can’t be beat. This place has everything from burgers to burritos to freshly caught fish, so you can’t go wrong bringing any date here. And while it’s right on the beach, it’s still classy enough to be a legit date spot.

Vitea Oceanfront Bistro

Another place on the water, Vitea Oceanfront Bistro is a comfortable mix between a café and a restaurant. If you want to impress a date but don’t feel ready to go all out at a super classy place, stop into Vitea for a drink and then head to the beach for a little alone time.

El Faro Lighthouse Bar

Located in the old marina north of city center, El Faro Lighthouse Bar is a good spot for watching the sunset with a bottle of wine. The round skybar sits atop a real lighthouse, and the vibe is relaxed and refined. Start your night here and she’ll know you’re someone worth sticking with.

Amazing Viewpoints to Set the Mood

Take her to any one of these panoramic viewpoints and she won’t be able to help but feel this date is destined for an exciting conclusion.

Cerro Del La Cruz

Hit this spot during the day (it will likely be closed at night). It’s a tourist spot located in a tower, but it offers the best view in the city. Just get ready to climb some stairs!

Conchas Chinas

This viewpoint of the old city rooftops and the sea is an amazing splash of color that is made irresitibly romantic at sunset. This area is less popular, so you have a chance at a little privacy.


This site is crowded at times, but the view of the entire Banderas Bay makes it worth a visit. It’s not difficult to find, and there are benches located at the viewpoint, making cuddling very convenient.

Los Arcos

Los Arcos is not easy to get to, but it’s the most secluded spot on this list. It’s located in a nature reserve south of the city and tourists don’t know anything about it. The views of the jungle and turquoise sea are spectacular. Getting here requires a little work, but it’s your best option if you want to be alone.

Red Flags: Staying Safe in PV

Puerto Vallarta is not a dangerous place, but it is a popular tourist destination. That means that people are always going to be targeted for scams and other shenanigans, and drunk guys looking to hook up are easy targets. If you see any of the following red flags, stay away and try your luck elsewhere.

  • She asks for your phone: This can be difficult if you don’t understand Spanish numbers, as most girls will try to put their number in your phone for you. Most are cool, but some might try to run off with it.
  • She asks for money: This goes without saying, but if a girl asks for money, she’s probably not worth hooking up with. And if she ends up being a prostitute, you might have a considerable debt in the morning.
  • She wants to take you home but won’t give you an address: If you’re going to her place, always get her address and send it to your friends via text. It’s not a good idea to go off the grid in a foreign country. If she refuses to tell you where you’re going, it might be a bad idea.
  • She asks to meet in a location far from the center: PV is not dangerous, but the further you are from the beach and the city center, the more likely you are to run into trouble. Girls should want to hang out in the fun, party areas. If she’s luring you inland, something might be up.
  • She’s getting you drunk: We know you’re here to party, and that’s cool. But if a girl seems to be encouraging you to get wasted while not drinking much at all herself, she might be trying to get in your pants in a way you didn’t intend (she’ll rock your pockets’ world).

The Best Way to Hook Up in Puerto Vallarta

Hooking up in Puerto Vallarta is easy if you remember one simple rule: have fun! Everyone is here for the same reason. They want to let loose, enjoy some amazing food, go to the beach, dance the night away, and make some spicy memories. Don’t overthink things, and don’t make hooking up the goal of your trip. Go with the intention of having fun and you shouldn’t have a problem attracting local girls and Mexican tourists that want to do the same.

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