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Sculpture, a manually crafted specimen with attractive artistic features, often serves a specific purpose. While a statue is a sculpture in the round that exhibits a specific entity, a person, incident, occasion; animal, etc., normally full-length, as opposed to a bust, and at least close to life-size, or larger, with the primary concern being representational. Sculptures & Statues – old or new are the artistic icons of progress, ethnicity, identity and traditions of people of a nation or a geographical entity in a particular span of time.

Brass, a member of bronze family is an alloy of copper and zinc has a muted yellow colour. The making of brass collectibles requires finesse, imagination, concentration and precision. Beautiful shades of green, blue and yellows can be obtained by altering the metal composition of brass.

Brass statues & sculptures make excellent pieces of art and are in huge demand as more and more art & lifestyle lovers are opting for these to give their spaces an individual and spiritual touch. As brass collectibles are offered in various shapes and sizes, they can be customized to meet the specific demands of clients.

Several online stores and antique stores sell wholesale of some of the rarest brass statues at affordable prices like of Hindu gods and goddesses, including Ganesha statues, sculptures of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Hanuman and of other mythological figures. Brass sculptures of Buddhist deities, together with Shakyamuni Buddha, Laughing Buddha and figures from Christianity and statues of Sai Baba are also sold wholesale.

Buddha Sculptures & statues, famous for their rare aesthetic quality are universally available either in the seated meditative posture or in a gesture of blessing. These are made out of brass, marble, jade, copper, wood stone and bronze. Buddha Sculptures are handicrafts India wonders of great skill and dedication that aid spiritual mediation. These eye-catching and serene sculptures are easily available in distinct styles namely Tibetan, Indonesian and Cambodian Buddha Statues.

handicrafts India

The Buddha statues can be categorized into several types, namely the figurines worshipped by the Buddhist sect and the laughing Buddha statues. The popular ‘Lotus-positioned Buddha Statues’ symbolizes complete balance of mind and body while the ‘Abhayamudra Buddha Statues’ epitomizes the gesticulation of ejecting fear. The ‘Laughing Buddha Statues’ are the most popular and believed to be universally to be the re-incarnation of Lord Buddha. With this kind of variety it does not come as surprise that Buddha sculptures are very popular all around the world.

Ganesha statues, believed to bring luck and wealth are created with a deep sense of devotion, by talented craftsmen. Ganesha is worshipped as the God of Wisdom and Success, and the remover of obstacles and adorn Indian home decor, offices, hotels and shops.

Statues of Ganesha are made of bronze, brass, wood, marble, glass and clay. Often white metal, papier Mache and plaster idols of Vinayaka are equally sought. Some Ganesha statues are also abstract creations which are intricately sculpted, carved, aesthetically painted and polished. The metal Ganesha idols may be gold, silver or copper plated. Statues of the Hindu God Ganesha often depict him in the sitting and standing positions. Beautiful figures of Ganesha meditating, reclining, and most importantly Dancing Ganesha are popular.

Marble has been one of the most popular choices of material for crafting statues since ancient times. Marble sculptures are sturdy, durable, elegant and sophisticated. In India, marble craftsmen do not restrict themselves to pure white marble but also make beautiful statues of green, red, gray marble etc.

Statues of mythological figures and saints, sculptures of deities and Buddhist & Christian figures are crafted in marble. Marble statues of Hindu deities are popular, exemplary and exquisite and truly reflect the faith or the ‘bhav’ of both the craftsman but also of the worshiper. Amongst most popular Marble statues of Hindu deities available are Lord Ganesha, Lord Radha Krishna, etc. Other varieties of marble statues include artifacts, figurines, portraits, animals and bird figurines, wall hangings, hand carved railings etc. Marble statues such as roman carved figures, pair of love birds, or elephants etc are also available. Marble statues, readily available in the wholesale market & on line, can be placed indoors & outdoors and are easy to clean with low maintenance.

The carved sculptures are the most popular. Like in Karnataka, one can look for Bhuta figure carvings, made from single wood pieces, which are very primitive artefacts. These various types of sculptures and statues can be purchased in wholesale to mirror the individuality and uniqueness of the owner.


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