Apply Digital Signage into Your Campus Today

Digital signage screens on campus are becoming an integral part of campus communication. Campus digital signage is one of the rapidly growing digital signage applications today. College students are growing up with technologies and social media. A cost- efficient solution dedicated to campus digital content such as Dynasign Campus Live can be the best way to catch student’s attention and provide effective mass communication. A customizable campus digital solution includes many elements such as news, Digital Signage SaaS social event sand informational kiosk. It is easy to manage and can expand your network. It displays relevant content to the right people through easy to use programming. Here is couple example of how digital signage can improve the campus experience.

Digital Signage SaaS

Live Streaming

Streaming live video feeds from any IP-based streaming device. It can display special event on campus or important current event. Use digital content wisely and let student engage with it. You can even use it to stream a professional’s lecture. Get more attention from the students.

Social Media Feeds

Catch up with the current trend and bring social media content into campus. Students love social media, and they are highly active on Twitter, FB, and YouTube. Bring those elements into the digital screen, and you do not even need to worry about the content because people are tweeting every second. Those powerful social media will update your students on what is going on in the campus.

Interactive Wayfinding and Kiosk

People nowadays lost the ability to read paper maps. An interactive kiosk is the best solution to provide information for the consumer. It is eye catching and can quickly redesign to fit your signage saas in hospital One kiosk can be multi-functional and the customers can just email themselves with the information they want.


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